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Sign up to be matched with your own health coach and receive one-to-one support to achieve your own personalised weight loss goals during this 12-week online programme approved by NHS Digital.  

Join Oviva to lose weight and create healthier habits

You will have access to the Oviva app to track your food and activity. Each week new helpful resources will unlock as you progress through the programme.

As a 100% remote service, you can take part in the programme from the comfort of your own home and receive support at a time that suits you.

To enjoy all of Oviva's app features totally free of charge please get in touch with our advice centre on 01634 334 814. You can find our eligibility criteria at the bottom of this page.

Oviva app

The programme can help you to:

  • lose weight
  • improve the quality of your diet
  • learn the importance of having healthy balanced meals
  • increase your confidence
  • manage your wellbeing effectively.

Find out what topic is covered each week

The key thing is the support from the coach. They provide back up through the early stages. There is no embarrassment, everything is confidential and the chat on the app is great, anything you are thinking about you can get feedback on.


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To sign up to the Oviva weight management programme please fill in the form on the Oviva website.

Sign up to the Oviva weight management programme

For help with filling in the form or if you have any questions about the programme please phone 01634 334 814.

Our phone line is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

To access the app you need to have a BMI (body mass index) of 25 or higher.