Solar panels on a house roof

Climate change is a global issue that will need everyone to work together to tackle it. With 40% of emissions in Medway coming from domestic sources, there are steps we could all be taking to reduce our impact. And there is support to take those steps.

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) reported that the average UK home’s carbon footprint has already been reduced by 4.7 tonnes of CO2e since 1990. A further reduction of 3.6 tonnes by 2030 will help keep us on track to the 80% UK-wide reduction in emissions by 2050 required to tackle dangerous climate change.

The CCC has calculated that you can reduce your carbon footprint by:

  • using renewable energy to power your home: this could reduce emissions by 79%, saving 1.25 tonnes of CO2e every year in the average home
  • using a fully electric vehicle: this could reduce your emissions by 2 tonnes of CO2e per year
  • improving your energy efficiency, for example by insulating your home and using more efficient appliances. This could reduce emissions by 0.6 tonnes CO2e per year, and save the average household £184 per year
  • reducing and sorting waste: this could save the average household 0.25 tonnes CO2e each year.

Advice for taking action to tackle climate change

Know what your footprint is

A great starting point to lowering your carbon footprint is understanding where you are currently at. The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) offers a carbon footprint calculator.


We have a variety of community groups and organisations that would love more members to help them achieve their goals.

You can:

If you are a charity or community group that needs volunteers to support your environmental work in Medway, please email

We can add you to this list and support in promoting your opportunities.

Get involved

We will be continuing to host events to engage with the community and respond to climate change. Why not come along and meet new people who share your interest? All events can be found on our What’s going on page.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

How we deal with, and dispose of, your waste has a major impact on the environment. Find out what you could be doing on our Reduce, reuse, recycle page, or how to recycle different materials on our A to Z of recycling.

Eating and drinking

Changing our eating and drinking habits can have an impact on climate change. Water and other resources are used in agriculture, with it being estimated that 70% of global freshwater withdraws being for food.

To learn more about how your diet impacts the planet, head to Our World in Data or the BBC’s climate change food calculator.

Some quick tips are to:

  • reduce your meat and dairy intake
  • eat local, seasonal food
  • try to cook at home more and avoid processed food.

Small changes to our food habits can make a big difference. Take a look at the Medway Food Partnership’s:

To find out more that you could be doing, head to our Reduce, reuse, recycle page.

Improve your home's efficiency

Energy Saving Trust 

The Energy Saving Trust promotes these top tips to save energy in your home:

  • switch off standby
  • choose energy efficient appliances
  • control your lighting
  • reduce your water use
  • take control of your heating
  • get savvy with smart controls
  • draught-proof your home.

More energy and water advice

For more advice on keeping warm and grants available, head to our Energy and water advice page.

Find out about smoke control areas and authorised fuels

Under the Clean Air Act the council may declare the whole or part of the district of the council to be a smoke control area. Parts of Medway Council’s district are within a smoke control area which reduces smoke pollution.

Find out if you are within a smoke control area and what this means.

We want to hear from you

Have you made efforts to improve your carbon footprint and become more sustainable? We want to hear about it!

Tell us what you’ve been up to and help to inspire others to take action. Email

What other residents are doing

Read about how others have taken action on our Local climate change projects page.