Drill Hall Library, University of Kent

Drill Hall Library, Universities at Medway. Image credit University of Kent

Working with Medway's universities and colleges

For our Climate Change Action Plan, it's essential that we have fully costed projects ready for when funding opportunities arise.

We value the expertise that Medway's universities and colleges offer and intend to partner with them to research and achieve the targets set out in our action plan. We're keen to hear project ideas from Medway's universities and colleges and are open to discussing how Medway Council can take part in, or support, these projects.

We want to hear from you

If you have a climate change project proposal for Medway Council, or you need a council to partner to receive funding get in touch. To set up a meeting to discuss these opportunities email us at climatechange@medway.gov.uk.

If you have already undertaken ground-breaking research, we want to know so that we can showcase the knowledge that Medway has to offer during this climate emergency. Email us to let us know what research you’ve been working on at climatechange@medway.gov.uk.

Sustainability at Medway universities

We have 3 universities sharing our campus in Medway. Find out how they are responding to climate change:

Students living in Medway: what you can do

Want to get involved in climate action in Medway? Below are some ideas of what you can be doing: