What we want to achieve

To understand Medway and the council’s emissions, to form a pathway to reduce those emissions, and to use carbon budgeting to achieve reduction.

By 2030, we will have made significant impact on emissions reduction, and by 2050 we will reach net zero carbon. To be net zero carbon, we must be removing the same amount of carbon (or equivalent of other greenhouse gasses) that we emit, resulting in zero additional greenhouse gasses entering the atmosphere.

How we will do this

We have set out a range of actions for how Medway can respond to the climate emergency. These range from actions that the council will take to lead by example, to those that will support the community to act.

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Continue to engage with Kent County Council and other Kent districts on joint opportunities to achieve net zero carbon targets in line with the Kent and Medway Energy and Low Emissions Strategy (KMELES).

Watch a video introducing the KMELES.


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Create a method for calculating the financial and carbon reduction effect of each action in the action plan, to help with the prioritisation of actions.


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Undertake an assessment of Scope 3 emissions and use this to inform further actions and projects to reduce emissions more widely across Medway.

Scope 3 emissions are emissions that are not directly created by the council, such as purchased good and services, staff commuting and investments. To learn more about emissions scopes, head to the Carbon Trust’s website.


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Map out where the council has influence in Medway and look at policies to make sure they are in line with the climate emergency and help cut down on carbon emissions.


Our progress so far

  • Assessed our baseline carbon emissions (2018 to 2019). A baseline year is a chosen year that you use to track improvements against.
  • 31.4% reduction in carbon emissions in 2020 to 2021 compared with the baseline year (2018 to 2019). The reduction has been achieved through a combination of factors including:
    • operational changes and a reduction of energy use within our buildings because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
    • carbon reduction initiatives during this period - primarily the LED street lighting programme
    • decarbonisation of the UK electricity grid
  • We now publish our annual carbon emissions reports.
  • Undertaken an initial assessment of the council’s Scope 3 emissions.
  • Undertaken an initial assessment of the areas of influence the council has over Medway.
  • Identified areas where we need to refine our data collection methods.
  • Received training on and using a greenhouse gas accounting tool.
  • Continue to attend and share information with the Kent Climate Change Network.

Combat climate change

Only together can we combat climate change. Find out what you can do to take action.

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