What we want to achieve

With our estate

We will set up a plan to improve the efficiency of council-owned properties, known as ‘retrofitting’. Retrofitting is the addition of new technology or features to an old system. So rather than entirely replacing something, you improve it instead. This is often the more sustainable option, as it requires less energy and resources to replace a small section, rather than the entire system.

We will establish a strategy to ensure that the 3,000 homes owned by the council comply with national targets set by central government.


Work with residents and landlords to ensure that appropriate standards for rented homes are achieved. And support residents and business to improve the energy efficiency in their properties.

How we will do this

We have set out a range of actions for how Medway can respond to the climate emergency. These range from actions that the council will take to lead by example, to those that will support the community to act.

In our Refreshed Climate Change Action Plan, we highlighted 15 actions that are a priority to support our journey to net-zero. The following actions are marked as a priority:


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Develop plans to ensure that all council housing stock meet the national and government targets for energy standards.

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Identify and deliver priority actions for key buildings via the Re:fit Energy Efficiency and Low Carbon Programme. To include:

  • building management systems - heating controls
  • energy efficient appliances
  • LED lighting corporate
  • water use reduction and conservation
  • conversion of existing heating systems to low carbon heat pumps or equivalent across the estate
  • solar PV
  • LED lighting housing (communal areas only). Delivery of this aspect will be long term.

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Complete the low energy LED smart street lighting upgrade programme.

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Carry out a full condition survey of lighting in car parks to inform energy efficiency standards and requirements for LED replacement programme.  

Combat climate change

Only together can we combat climate change. Find out what you can do to take action.

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