If you're a Blue Badge holder you can park for free in any Medway Council ANPR car park, but you must register your Blue Badge and vehicle details before you enter the car park. 

You may register multiple vehicles on your account, however only one vehicle may be active at any one time to use.

Your application will provide free parking for the registered vehicles in all Medway Council ANPR car parks in Rochester, including:

Please ensure that the vehicle you're using for your visit is selected on your account for free parking, otherwise you'll need to pay the parking charge to exit the car park.

Please remember to clearly display your Blue Badge on your dashboard while parked.

Adding additional vehicles to your account

The steps set out below show how you can add multiple vehicles to your ANPR Blue Badge parking account.

Step 1

Login to your account

Login to your Medway ANPR parking account and select ‘My Account’ from the menu on the left.

Then select ‘My Vehicles’.

You will then see the option on your right to ‘Add another vehicle’, circled in red.

Click on this.

Login to your account
Step 2

Add additional vehicle's details

Enter the new registration of the vehicle that you wish to add and press the 'Tab' key on your keyboard.

This will automatically fill the vehicle make and model.

Then select ‘Add’.

This vehicle has now been added to your account.

Repeat the process to add further vehicles as required.

Add additional vehicle's details

Tab button

The tab button will either say the word 'Tab' or have a symbol of 2 opposite arrows as shown in the picture.

Tab button
Step 3

Choose which vehicle you wish to have free parking

You can leave the vehicle that you use the most, activated.

This will allow you to park for free in Blue Boar Lane, Corporation Street and Rochester multi-storey, all the while your blue badge is valid.

If you need to visit these car parks in another car and it is registered on your account, you can easily change this before entering the car park.

This will be activated immediately

To do this, return to ‘My Account’ and select ‘My Permits’.

You will see your current blue badge that is registered.

Select the pen icon under ‘Actions’.

Choose which vehicle you wish to have free parking
Step 4

Select the chosen vehicle

You will be presented with the box below.

Press the drop-down arrow and select the vehicle registration you want to change to, and then press ‘Save’.

Select the chosen vehicle
Step 5


You will see that the details have now changed to the new vehicle.

This will now receive free parking until you change it back again.