We have commissioned 10 local creatives to create a range of pioneering contemporary artwork to support essential coronavirus (COVID-19) messages. The artwork will also thank all of Medway's key workers who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to help keep residents safe. 

From large murals on the side of public buildings, important safety messages with superheroes, to music in public toilets, we have commissioned innovated projects to help keep Medway's residents safe. 

The artworks are a reminder of how the creative sector can help raise awareness of vital public health messages in different ways for a variety of audiences. 

If you're out on your daily exercise or food shopping and you spot any of the artwork, tag Enjoy Medway on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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The Rainbow Effect logo
A child takes part in a Zoom call with superheroes.
The words 'Believe in kindness' illuminate a shop window.
A pair of hands rest on a pink background.
Jackie Walduck looks at a QR poster.
A painted ambulance on a wall.
A statue has been erected as part of the arts project.
An art piece showing squirrels sits outside a shop.
The coronavirus human jukebox logo from pretending people theatre.
A drawing of a girl in a mask hangs in Rochester.
A large sculpture sits on a wall
Different shades of red and orange merge into purple.
The Rainbow Effect features 10 creatives, outdoors and online. It aims to keep Medway covid-19 safe through public art.
The rainbow effect logo, UK government logo and Medway Council logo