• Location: Restrooms across Medway

Medway Sonic Hand Washing Experience provides 20 second clips of music to accompany hand washing. You can access the music via QR codes on posters in restrooms around Medway.

handwashing experience

Medway Sonic Hand Washing Experience provides 20 second clips of original music to accompany your coronavirus-safe hand washing.

QR codes have been printed on hand hygiene posters, displayed in public access bathrooms around Medway and in the following shops along Rochester High Street:

  • The Deaf Cat
  • Rochester Coffee Co
  • The Eagle Tavern
  • Tony Lorenzo’s
  • Chuck and Blade Burgers
  • The Cheese Room Deli & Cafe.

Download your own poster.

You can also access the music by scanning these QR codes with your phone.


Sound clips

Jackie Walduck: The Science of Soap

Download the lyrics

Dayzee Potter: Round and Round

Download the lyrics

Jackie Walduck: Harp Bubbles

Richard Lightman: Washing the Alley

Logan Ellis: Sonic Cleansing

Robert Jarvis: Waltz Wash

Richard Lightman: Be Clean-Up Bah

Jackie Walduck: Sink Fairy

Jackie Walduck: Forest Rain

Dayzee Potter: Nowhere to Go

Download the lyrics

Richard Lightman: Wash in the Jungle

Richard Lightman: Wash Da Bhangra

Richard Lightman: Medway Truckers

Jackie Walduck: Virus Vs. Soap

Download the lyrics

Logan Ellis: I Need U

Download the lyrics

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