Future Medway Local Plan (2019 to 2037)

A key stage in the production of local plans and policies is carrying out public consultations to ensure that local residents, businesses and other stakeholders have a chance to have their say on the proposals.

Future Medway Local Plan 2019 to 2037

We are working on a new Local Plan which will replace the 2003 Medway Local Plan. This will be a single document containing strategic level and development management policies, land allocations, minerals and waste, and a policies map.

We have consulted on a Development Strategy technical document as a key stage of work in preparing the new Local Plan. This sets out the ambitions for the plan, options for how Medway could grow and draft policies for managing development.

The consultation ran from Friday 16 March to 12pm on Monday 25 June 2018.

Further details on the proposals including potential development sites in our Development Strategy.