Current consultations

There are currently no neighbourhood planning consultations.

A neighbourhood plan is a community led framework for guiding future development, regeneration and conservation of an area. This step of planning policy was introduced in the Localism Act in 2011.

The neighbourhood plan forms part of the statutory development plan for the area, alongside our own planning policy documents.

A neighbourhood plan:

  • can specify policies and guidance on how new developments are designed, orientated and located
  • must conform to the local plan 2041
  • must comply with European and national legislation
  • must have appropriate regard to national policy
  • should not promote less development than that identified in the development plan for the local area
  • can allow more growth levels and allocate sites
  • time frame can be decided by the local community.

Neighbourhood plans can be produced by parish councils or, in non-parish areas in neighbourhood forums of at least 21 people. These plans should reflect the diversity of the local area.

We have the responsibility for approving the designation of the neighbourhood forum.

The parish council or neighbourhood forum is responsible for the preparation of the neighbourhood plan, including:

  • information collation
  • initial consultation
  • producing a draft plan.

We then need to:

  • administer the formal process to consult on the draft plan
  • arrange an independent examination,
  • hold a referendum in the parish or neighbourhood area to determine if there is support for the adoption of the plan.