Medway's Virtual School

Medway’s Virtual School promotes the educational achievements of looked-after children and previously looked-after children.

It does this through a range of strategies including training, advice and guidance for schools, social workers, foster carers and other professionals.

Most of our pupils are educated in Medway schools and some go to Kent schools as this is often their nearest school. 

The virtual school ensures that the achievement of looked-after children is prioritised by those with responsibilities for promoting their welfare. This is so that our children and young people can achieve more and do as well as their peers.

The virtual school also:

  • gives advice to those who care for those previously in care, such as those who have been adopted or are living in a special guardianship arrangement
  • provides young people in care and care experienced young people with advice, guidance and support to enable each young person to reach their full potential
  • monitors and tracks exclusions, attendance and progress
  • provides specific training for schools and colleges for designated teachers and carers
  • challenges schools and educational settings to raise the attainment of young people in care and care experienced young people
  • ensures care experienced young people have access to the funding they need through bursaries and funding projects.

Read GOV.UK's guidance on promoting the education of looked-after children and previously looked-after children 

What makes up Medway's Virtual School

Medway's Virtual School is made up of a virtual:

  • headteacher
  • deputy headteacher
  • school officer
  • school practice support officer

You can contact the virtual school by emailing or emailing the virtual school headteacher