You will need the following documents. Your personal advisor will help you apply for them. 

National Insurance number

You need a National Insurance number to work and claim benefits. It is unique to you. 

When you are 15 years and 9 months old your social worker should apply for your National Insurance number. Your personal advisor will make sure you have it and help you if you lose it. 

More about National Insurance numbers.


Your passport is your main form of identification. You can use it to travel abroad and for proof of identity, for example when you open a bank account. 

Your personal advisor will help you apply for and pay for a passport. You are responsible for keeping your passport safe and replacing it if you lose it. Make sure you keep it in a safe place.

More about applying for a passport.

Provisional driving licence

You will need a provisional driving licence if you want to learn how to drive. You can also use it as a form of identification. 

We will pay for your first licence. If you move address you must tell the DVLA

More about applying for a driving licence.

Birth certificate

If you do not have your birth certificate your personal advisor can help you apply and pay for a new one. 

You'll need your birth certificate to apply for a passport. You'll also need it to prove your identity or if you get married. 

More about ordering birth certificates.

British citizenship

If you are entitled, your personal advisor will help you apply for British citizenship. 

More about becoming a British citizen.

Biometric residence permit

If you are an unaccompanied asylum seeker, you will not be able to apply for a passport, but can apply for a biometric residence permit. You can use this as identification.

We will pay for the application.

More about biometric residence permits.