Your ongoing physical and emotional health is important and we have health services to meet the needs of all our care leavers. Your personal adviser can put you in touch with health services.

GPs and hospitals

You’ll need to register with a GP closest to you so you can get regular check-ups.

Find your local GP

If you’re nervous about making an appointment, your Personal Adviser can help make one for you and come with you if you wish.

Drug and alcohol support

You can get support with substance of alcohol or drug misuse from Open Road in Gillingham.

Emotional wellbeing

You emotional wellbeing can affect other parts of your life. If you’re worried you can talk through your concerns with your Personal Advisor. They can help you to get you the support that you need.

Get more support with your mental health

Your Personal Adviser can help you arrange appointments or go with you if you need extra support.


Talking about your relationships openly with your Personal Adviser will help us know how much support you need to help you find and maintain healthy relationships.

Get advice about healthy relationships from Relate

Sexual health

We can help you stay safe and give you advice on issues such as safe sex and consent. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed taking to your Personal Advisor about sexual health. Talking about it can help you get access to resources and education you need to stay safe and healthy.

NHS Clover Street is the main Medway sexual health clinic where you can get advice on contraception, get tested for STIs, or get free condoms.

Get more sexual health advice

If you get pregnant, we’re here to support you with your next decisions. If you go forward with the pregnancy, we will complete a pre-birth assessment after 16 weeks to see if you need any extra help, including financial support. If you don’t want to go forward with the pregnancy, there are clinics you can access in Medway.

You can get advice about your sexuality or gender identity, or learn more about the LGBT+ community from the Medway Gender and Sexual Identity Centre

Disability support

If you have a disability, your Personal Adviser will try to learn about your disability to find you the best support.

View our Local Offer for those with disabilities