Right to reply - tell us you have made an improvement

As the owner or manager of the business you have a right to reply to a food hygiene rating.

This is different to an appeal. If you feel that the incorrect rating was given by the officer, you should use the right to appeal. 

Find how to appeal a food hygiene rating.

If you feel that the correct rating was given by the officer, based on the conditions found at the time of the inspection, then you should use the right to reply. 

You can tell us how the business has improved hygiene since the inspection, or if there were unusual circumstances at the time of the inspection.  

Before you begin

You'll need to complete our online form.

You'll need to tell us: 

  • your details, including name and contact information
  • the name and address of the business
  • the date of your last inspection
  • the rating you received.

Reply to a food hygiene rating

What happens next 

We'll process your application as soon as possible and without undue delay.

We’ll review your comments and if your request is appropriate, we’ll upload and publish your comments to the Food Standard Agency’s Food Hygiene Ratings website.

If you use the right to reply, your food hygiene rating will not change. 

We can also respond to your comments on the Food Standard Agency’s website.