You can appeal a planning decision to Planning Inspectorate if your application is unsuccessful or a decision is not made within 8 weeks (13 weeks for major developments) and a new deadline has not been agreed.

You must appeal within 6 months of the date on your decision notice. Your appeal should be decided within 19 weeks.

To appeal, you’ll need:

  • your original application
  • the site ownership certificate
  • the planning authority’s decision notice – or, without a decision, the letter acknowledging your application
  • all plans, drawings and documents you sent to the local planning authority
  • a map of the surrounding area
  • any other documents that support your appeal such as a full statement of case.

Appeal a decision on the Planning Inspectorate website

About appeal documents we publish

Appeal documents are published on our website for public viewing. When completing any forms, appeals statements or sending documents, only share information you're happy to have in the public domain. 

If there is information you need to share that is confidential, tell us and we will arrange for redactions to be done before publishing the documents on our website. 

Advice on appealing a planning decision

You can find more advice on how to appeal a planning decision on GOV.UK: