If development is carried out without the required planning permission or without following the conditions given by the council this is a breach of planning control and can be enforced.

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Before you report a planning breach

If you want to report a breach of planning control we suggest that you first:

  • check if the development needs planning permission
  • search for the planning application
  • make a comment if an application has been made

Check if planning permission is needed

If planning permission is needed, you can then check if a planning application has been submitted. 

If there is a planning application submitted, we suggest you comment on the application with your complaint.

If there isn’t an application in place, you can report the planning breach.

Search for a planning application

How to report a breach

To report a breach, we need:

  • the address of the breach
  • type of breach such as erection of a building or structure, advertisement or change of use
  • your name and address
  • a detailed description of the breach

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