You can comment on planning applications in Medway online.

We consult neighbours about planning applications and give people 21 days to comment on them.

To comment on an application:

  • search for the application you want to comment on
  • click ‘Make a Comment’
  • enter your comment
  • click ‘Submit’ or ‘Submit and Register’.

Search for a planning application

What you can comment on

We can only consider comments that relate to planning matters.

These include:

  • design and appearance (should be high quality, in keeping with the property and street)
  • the effect on historic buildings, conservation areas and protected trees
  • the nearby effect on homes nearby, like loss of light, outlook, privacy and noise
  • any effect on vehicle, pedestrian or cycle safety.

We cannot consider:

  • any private agreements made that may affect properties
  • Right to Light Act
  • loss of property value
  • spoiling your view
  • works that cross the boundary to your property
  • disturbance from building work
  • comments on Lawful Development Certificates (these certificates are applications to determine if planning permission is needed. This decision is based on legislation and not judgement on any other matters)
  • condition applications (applications to discharge conditions need to be judged by specialists).

What happens to your comments

Your comments on an application, form part of a Statutory Register and we have a duty to make this information available for anyone to inspect.

The comments you provide, including your name and address, will be displayed within 3 working days on this website via Public Access but your signature, email address and phone number will be removed.

If you want your name and address removed email Your comments will be treated as anonymous and less weight will be given to these in the decision making process. 

After you make a comment

We receive a large number of responses so it is not possible to respond personally to each comment.

All information you send to us in relation to a planning application is public information and will be available for public inspection on the internet.

Your representation will be considered by the planning officer dealing with the application as part of the decision making process. All comments received are summarised in the officer's report. If you have commented on the application we will let you know the decision.

Committee case

Representations can only be accepted for consideration by the Planning Committee if they're received by the planning service before 12pm, 4 clear working days before the date of the committee at which the application is to be considered.

For example, if the committee is on a Wednesday, and there is no bank holiday, then that will be 12pm the Wednesday before.