Finding a home

If you like a property, don’t wait too long as other people may be interested.

When searching for a new home you should consider:

  • how close it is to work
  • nearby bus stops and train stations
  • car park spaces
  • how good the mobile phone reception is

You can look for a home online at and for a wide range of properties. You can also pop into a local estate agent and ask but make sure you’re specific about your budget.

Useful questions to ask the landlord

Before choosing a home, it’s a good idea to ask:

  • how to pay the rent and how often
  • how the bills are paid if it’s a shared house
  • how to turn the gas, electricity and water on and off
  • if there are smoke alarms installed
  • if smoking is allowed
  • if pets are allowed
  • if the property is furnished or unfurnished