Moving in and who to tell

When you're moving in you will need to think of how to move your belongings into your new property and telling people that you have moved.

Moving your things

Make sure you get the right storage items for your move.

It would also be a good idea to:

  • collect large cardboard boxes, newspapers, strong tape, scissors and a marker pen
  • wrap delicate items in paper
  • write ‘fragile’ on boxes with fragile items
  • pack heavy things in smaller boxes and check you can lift them
  • write on boxes where it will go in your new home
  • keep all your important documents safe during your move

Make sure you plan how to move your items, if you have a lot of furniture and items, you may need to hire a van.

Who to tell once you’ve moved

You will need to tell people once you've moved in.

You will need to tell:

  • your employer or the jobcentre (if you receive benefits)
  • your college or university
  • the electricity, gas, water and phone companies and have a meter reading to hand
  • your bank or building societies and any companies you owe money to
  • Your GP and dentist
  • Medway Council to sort out your Council Tax
  • Any services that you work with such as a social worker or probation worker
  • Friends and family

You can also pay the Post Office to forward your mail from your old address to your new one.