Homelessness doesn’t just apply to people sleeping rough but also to those at risk of losing their current home.

Due to the increase in homelessness nationally, we’re addressing the issue through preventative measures.

Our priorities are to:

  • get involved earlier on to prevent homelessness before it happens
  • give you housing information in time for you to make housing choices and plan ahead
  • ensure there is fair access to housing to meet housing needs
  • ensure access to services that can help people get the housing support they need to live independently.

You can also read our Rough Sleeper Charter to find out how we're working with different organisations to support the homeless and help them get into ongoing accommodation.

Get housing advice

If you’re homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, we can give you advice, support, and, if needed and in priority need (pregnant, have dependent children or are vulnerable), temporary accommodation.

Find out what help you might be able to receive and advice regarding your situation by filling out the help with homelessness form.

Alternatively, you can book a housing advice appointment.

Housing advice and information

You can also view our housing advice leaflets for more information for a range of people from care leavers to armed forces veterans.

Help for homeless people

There are also many ways that you can get involved and services available to help the homeless.

View services for the homeless

Myths and truths about rent and homelessness

There are a lot of myths around rent and the rules you must follow. Find out more on our myths and truths page.