Re-register a birth

You'll need to re-register a birth if:

  • the birth certificate does not show any father's details and you'd like to add them
  • a paternity correction (the man named on the certificate is not the natural father)
  • the natural parents have got married or formed a civil partnership since the birth
  • you've been issued with a court order.

If a declaration of parentage has been granted by the court, the birth will be re-registered automatically. Find out more about applying for a declaration of parentage.

You can re-register a birth at any time.

How to re-register a birth

You'll need to visit Medway Register Office and take your child's birth certificate.

You should bring your original documents. If you do not have your original documents, they can accept certified copies.

You'll also need need to complete a form depending on why you are re-registering the birth.

You'll need to complete GRO 185 form if you:

  • are adding the natural fathers details
  • got married abroad (you'll also need your marriage certificate)
  • have been issued with a court order.

You'll need to complete LA1 form if:

  • you got married or formed a civil partnership in the UK (you'll also need your marriage or civil partnership certificate).