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Funeral service

Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

During these difficult times, a maximum of 30 friends and family can attend a funeral. Medway Crematorium can live webcast the funeral service for an additional fee. You will need to arrange this through your funeral director.

Read the latest advice on attending the crematorium and cemeteries, including advice on social distancing.

Read more about coronavirus.

Funeral service

The arrangement of a funeral service is a personal choice, and something that can be discussed with either your funeral director or the person chosen to conduct the service.

You may wish for the entire funeral service to take place at Medway Crematorium, or you may wish for a committal only service at the crematorium, with the service being held elsewhere beforehand.

Alternatively, you may not want a service at all, nor wish to attend the crematorium. To assist this we are happy to accommodate the coffin direct to our crematory.

Service time

We allocate an hour to all our funeral service slots. Our West Chapel runs on the hour and our East Chapel on the half hour.

We're offering 30 minute service slots at Medway Crematorium East Chapel. This will allow us to offer more services throughout the day.


Music is a significant part of a funeral service. Our chapels are equipped with an organ and an organist can be arranged by your funeral director.

They can play a variety of:

  • hymns
  • classical music
  • modern music

You will be able to use our digital music system which has an online library with a variety of songs to choose from.

At our chapels you can:

  • use the large screen to display photos and videos
  • live stream the service through a secure website
  • watch the recorded live stream up to 28 days after the service