The chapel and crematorium grounds

The chapels

Medway Crematorium features 2 chapels, both with a public waiting room. After the service you'll exit to an open-air flower court to view floral tributes following a funeral service.

The chapels are identical and can hold up to 115 people seated, with more space for up to 30 people standing. The chapels are designed to facilitate funeral services of all denominations and does not display any fixed religious symbols or icons. A wheelchair is available from the crematorium office and can be used in the chapel. Seating in the chapel can be moved or rearranged on request.

Wifi is available in the chapels.

Chapel of meditation

Our chapel of meditation is a quiet sanctuary within the crematorium grounds. It is open 365 days a year and is a place where families can remember their loved one and write a message to them.

This is where our books of remembrance are on display. Memorial entries are hand inscribed by skilled calligraphers and are illuminated in the tradition of medieval manuscripts. The name of a loved one can be recorded on any day of the year that has a special significance such as a birthday, date of death or an anniversary.

View the book of remembrance online

The crematorium grounds

Medway Crematorium has 14 acres of beautiful grounds of mixed woodland, shrub beds, formal planting and grass beneath large and stately trees.

Strewing ashes in the grounds

There are 59 numbered trees and 7 woodland glades for the strewing of cremated remains, also known as ashes.

The strewing of ashes is included in the service provided at Medway Crematorium. There will only be an additional fee if the ashes are brought in from a different crematorium.

You can choose from the following 2 options when deciding to strew ashes at Medway Crematorium:

  • we will strew the ashes on your behalf unwitnessed, usually 3 weeks after the funeral
  • you can book an appointment after the funeral to strew the ashes yourself as part of a family-led service (Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm).

To witness the strewing of ashes, you will need to book an appointment in the office or by phone on 01634 337 744.

Records of remains

We keep records of where family member’s remains are scattered. You may wish for family members to be resting in the same glade or same tree. By providing a name and date of death, we will be able to find the location for you. 

Download a plan of the crematorium grounds.

Flowers and tributes

We welcome you to leave flowers or tributes after a service or by a memorial within the crematorium grounds. 

If you're leaving flowers or tributes, please ensure:

  • you only leave flowers in vases or containers that have been provided by us, flowers placed in containers not provided by us will be removed
  • you only leave flowers or tributes in the specified areas, those not within the specified areas will be removed
  • flowers are fresh with all wrappings removed, as the wrappings can endanger wildlife.

We will clear flowers and tributes from the Chapel of Meditation daily, and the Gardens of Remembrance every Wednesday.

Services on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will have flowers and tributes cleared the Monday after the service.

Services on a Friday and Saturday will have flowers and tributes cleared the Wednesday after the service.