The Mayor's chosen charities

Each Mayor chooses their own specific charities to support. All charity events held during their year of service aim to raise as much money as possible for these charities.

For the Mayoral Year 2017-2018, David is supporting:

  • Medway Macmillan
  • The Samaritans

The Charities are all local or have local branches and are special to him in different ways.

Macmillan is a charity that helps people with cancer which has affected many of us either through a family member or friend. Mark, David's son, had cancer 6 years ago which was treated successfully at Medway Hospital in the Macmillan unit and was supported by Macmillan throughout his treatment.

His second Charity is the Samaritans. He has chosen the Samaritans as he has known people who have been in need of support at troubled times of their lives as well as knowing volunteers of the Samaritans, and has great respect for their organisation.

The other Charity he has chosen is MAGIC a Charity for Children and Young People with Autism and their families. He first became aware of the Charity when there was a challenge to “Walk In Their Shoes” which meant he spent a day with a family with a child or children with Autism.

Charity events

The Mayor will host a variety of events during his year of office.

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