Rochester and Strood

I, Neil Davies, being the Acting Returning Officer for the constituency hereby give notice that the number of votes given for each candidate was as follows:

Candidate Party Vote
David John Allen UKIP 2,893
Steve Ayorinde Benson Christian Peoples Alliance 163
Primerose Chiguri Independent 129
Sonia Lesley Hyner Green Party 781
Teresa Margaret Murray Labour Party 19,382
Bart Lloyd Ricketts Liberal Democrats 1,189
Kelly Jane Tolhurst Conservative Party 29,232

I, Neil Davies, declare that Kelly Jane Tolhurst has been elected as Member of Parliament for the constituency of Rochester and Strood.

The number of votes rejected and not counted by me at this election was:

  • For want of Official Mark: 0
  • For voting for more than one candidate: 12
  • For writing or marks by which the voter could be identified: 0
  • For being unmarked or voided for uncertainty: 58
  • Total: 70

Verification statement

The Acting Returning Officer, having concluded the verification of ballot papers, declares that:

  • The total number of verified ballot papers from the polling stations: 41,117
  • The total number of verified postal ballot papers: 12,723
  • The total number of ballot papers verified: 53,840
  • The electorate as of today is: 82,702
  • Turnout: 65.1%

Neil Davies, Acting Returning Officer, 9 June 2017