Chatham High Street improvements

In late 2020 as part of the governments Emergency Active Travel Measures, sections of Chatham High Street were improved to benefit pedestrians and cyclists. 

Improvements included:

  • separating pedestrians and traffic between Church Street and The Brook
  • making the high street no entry from The Brook - Union Street to improve pedestrian safety
  • more one-way signs along the section of high street between Railway Street and The Brook - Union Street
  • replacing existing cycle parking stands near The Pentagon Shopping Centre
  • making Batchelor Street 2-way for vehicle traffic to improve access
  • making Church Street one-way to improve vehicle access and pedestrian safety. 

Chatham high street between the brook and church street with temporary measures put in place

Next step for improvements

We're looking to improve the temporary arrangements that have been in place on Chatham High Street. The permanent proposals will use appropriate measures including bollards. 

The plans to be delivered over the coming months will include:

Changing pedestrian and cycle zone to pedestrian zone

Cyclists are allowed within the zone outside hours of operation before 10am and after 5pm. Bikes need to follow the one-way operation.

New pedestrian zone signs

Replacement of restricted no waiting zone and loading signs with new pedestrian zone signs. This includes consistent signs in the area.

Permanent street furniture

Replacement of the red and white barriers and temporary bollards with permanent street furniture at the far end of the high street near the junction with The Brook. 

Introducing a limited number of short stay parking bays on Church Street

The parking provision would be outside of the operational hours of the pedestrians only zone.

Project updates

We'll provide updates on the project on this page.