Chatham Placemaking project

The Chatham Placemaking project will improve journeys for both pedestrians and cyclists from Chatham Railway Station through to the Waterfront bus station and town centre.

The plans include work to:

  • Chatham Railway Station
  • New Cut Junction
  • St John’s Square
  • Military Square
  • Military Junction.


Consultations on the project were held in 2016 to get your comments on the plans. The results were positive, with 90% of people stating that the aims for the project were met in the proposed designs.

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Chatham Railway Station

We are working in partnership with Network Rail and Southeastern to regenerate the streets and places around the station and to improve links between the station, the town and the bus station.

Work will include:

  • remodelling the area in front of the station and roads around the station
  • widening and resurfacing the pavements and walkways
  • new taxi and drop-off bays
  • new public art.

New Cut Junction

The work to New Cut Junction will make paths wider and encourage pedestrians and cyclists towards the town centre with a safer and more welcoming environment.

There will also be a lighting feature on the bridge to make it easier for visitors to find their way to the town centre. We will also be adding new trees and seating to improve the area and stop vehicles from accessing the pavements.

St John's Square

At St John’s Square, a wide pedestrian and cycle path will continue from New Cut Junction, along Railway Street and past St John’s Church.

A new public square will be created including a gradual ramp and text-engraved steps. The old concrete wall will be removed to improve visibility along the route to and from the station and to improve the feel of the area.

Military Square

The works at Military Square will include replacing the paving with new, high quality materials, removing the old ornamental pillars and putting in new trees and benches.

Military Road

At Military Road, the tarmac between the Pentagon entrance and bus station will be replaced with high quality paving materials to clearly define the area as a space for pedestrians.

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