Strood Waterfront Project

Strood Waterfront project is an exciting development which focuses on the council-owned land at Strood Riverside and the former Civic Centre site.

Strood Waterfront Development Brief

We’re refreshing the 2006 Strood Riverside Development Brief to reflect changes including updates to national planning policy. This has resulted in the draft Strood Waterfront Brief 2017 which highlights refreshed aims for the sites and design principles.

Consultations have been held on the draft Development Brief to identify key aims including:

  • delivering an ambitious vision for Strood’s regeneration as part of a wider urban development
  • building on and updating the 2003 Local Plan for the site
  • shaping the redevelopment of Strood Waterfront to ensure its long-term physical, economic, social and environmental regeneration
  • establishing a clear set of land use and design guides for future regeneration of the site
  • encouraging private sector investment

The adopted Strood Waterfront Development Brief

The Strood Waterfront Development Brief has been approved by Cabinet as a Supplementary Planning Document.

You can read the Supplementary Planning Documents below:

Flood mitigation measures

We have flood defence measures in place to enable the redevelopment of the former Civic Centre and Strood Riverside sites.

We’ve also reached the final stage for a £3.5million funding application to help fund the flood defences.