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Animal boarding licence

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The Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG), have published the most recent guidance for pet businesses. Download the guidance to find out how you are affected.

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You can renew your permit one month before its expiry date.

You need to apply for a licence to board cats or dogs, including:

  • providing dog day care
  • home boarding for dogs
  • running boarding kennels
  • running a boarding cattery


To apply for a license, you'll need to:

You are strongly advised to read the guidance notes relevant to your business:


There are two parts to the fee:

Part A - a fee for processing your application, including any appropriate checks. 

Home boarding of dogs and day care for dogs

Number of dogs Fee

1 to 5 dogs

£204 plus vet fees where appropriate

6 plus dogs

£274 plus vet fees where appropriate

Boarding in kennels for dogs and boarding for cats

Number of pens or kennels Fee

1 to 15 pens / kennels

£204 plus vet fees where appropriate

16 to 30 pens / kennels

£274 plus vet fees where appropriate

31 plus pens / kennels

£309 plus vet fees where appropriate

Part B - an additional fee, if you are successful in being granted a licence. This depends on the risk rating your establishment receives during its inspection.

This will be:

  • £204 if you receive a 1 or 2 star
  • £309 if you receive a 3 or 4 star
  • £444 if you receive a 5 star

If you need advice and guidance on applying for a license, we offer a pre-application advice service. The fee for this service is £68. 

If you would like to book a pre- application advice meeting please email

Paying the fee

You can download a complete list of fees

Payments can be made by card when calling 01634 333 333.

You will need to advise the customer services officer what you are paying for and ensure you include your payment reference number on your application form along with the date you made the payment.

Boarding animals – dogs and cats 4E55194900058551

Alternatively, you can pay by cheque made payable to Medway Council and attach it to your application form.

After you apply

Once you application has been received, we'll contact you to arrange an inspection of the premises by one of our licensing officers and an independent vet.

After the inspection, if successful, you'll get a risk rating of either 1,2,3,4 or 5 stars. This will determine how long your licence will last for.

To complete your application and get your licence, you'll need to pay the hourly rate for the vet, where necessary, and:

  • £204 if you receive a 1 or 2 star
  • £309 if you receive a 3 or 4 star
  • £444 if you receive a 5 star

For more information, you can download our guidance notes and FAQ.

Inspection reports

To speed up the inspection, you can download and begin to complete the inspection report that will be used by officers during your premises' inspection.

You can download the inspection report for:

Existing licences

If you've already got an animal licence, under the previous legislation, you'll need to apply for a new one when it expires.

You’ll need to complete a new application at least 10 weeks before your existing licence expires.

For more advice, you can contact the environmental protection team by email at


Your licence will last for either one, two or three years, depending on the premises’ risk rating and level of compliance, with premises representing low risk and identified as maintain high standards, receiving up to a five star rating. 

You’ll need to complete a new application at least 10 weeks before your existing licence expires.

Other permissions you may need

When operating a business you may also need to speak to:

  • Planning - for the correct permission to operate your business
  • Business Rates - to ensure you are set up to pay your rates