Dangerous wild animals licence

You need a licence to keep some animals considered to be wild, dangerous or exotic.

This may include:

  • wild cats
  • primates
  • wild dogs, for example wolves
  • certain pigs, for example wild boar
  • marsupials

See the full list of animals you need a licence for.

You can ask for more information about the licence and its conditions before applying.  

Apply for a licence

You must apply for a licence before getting the animal or you could be prosecuted.

To request an application form phone 01634 333 333.

We will inspect your premises before giving you a licence. You’ll need to show that the animals you look after are:

  • kept in suitable accommodation
  • provided with adequate food, drink and bedding
  • regularly exercised
  • safeguarded in an emergency
  • protected from infectious disease

If your licence application is refused

You will not be given a licence if you’ve been convicted of any animal welfare offences or do not meet the criteria to keep a wild animal.

If you feel you have been wrongly refused a licence, you can appeal to the Magistrate's Court.

Renew your licence

You must renew your licence to keep a dangerous wild animal every two years.