Performing animal registration

You must register with us if you want to exhibit, use or train performing animals in Medway such as if you may want to include animals in a circus, film production or theatre performance.

No-one should take part in animal performances without a risk assessment and advice from a trained animal handler or vet.

You don’t need to register if you train animals for use by the military or police, or for agriculture or sport.

Apply for registration

When you apply you will need to give details of the animals and the performances they'll be taking part in.

Complete our application form for registration of performing animals

If your application is approved

If we approve your application, we will give you a certificate confirming that you have the right to keep the animals and use them in performance.

A police officer or authorised council officer may:

  • enter any premises where performing animals are kept
  • inspect the premises to check that the animals are kept in suitable conditions that meet health, welfare and safety standards
  • ask you to produce your certificate of registration

If your application is refused

You will not be registered by us if you’ve been convicted of any animal welfare offences.

If you feel you have been wrongly refused a licence, you can appeal to the Magistrate's Court.