What work can a child do

There are restrictions in place to ensure that the work a child does is safe and appropriate.

Children aged 13 can be employed to:

  • do agricultural or horticultural work
  • deliver newspapers and other printed materials
  • work in a shop including shelf stacking
  • work in a hairdressing salon
  • do office work
  • wash cars by hand in a private residential setting
  • work in a café or restaurant
  • work in a stable
  • do domestic works in hotels or other establishments offering accommodation.

Children cannot be employed:

  • in a cinema, theatre, dance hall or nightclub unless it’s in connection with a performance
  • to sell or deliver alcohol
  • to deliver milk
  • to deliver fuel oils
  • in a commercial kitchen
  • to collect or sort rubbish
  • in any work that is more than 3 metres above ground level
  • anywhere where they may be exposed to physical, biological or chemical agents
  • to collect money or sell door to door (unless supervised by a responsible adult)
  • anywhere where they could be exposed to adult material
  • in telephone sales
  • in any slaughterhouse or in a part of a butcher’s shop where this takes place
  • as an attendant or assistant in a fairground or amusement arcade
  • to give personal care of residents in a care or nursing home (unless supervised by a responsible adult)
  • in any activity concerned with the use of firearms
  • in indoor or outdoor markets (unless the child is employed by a parent in their retail business or under their direct supervision.

If you’re worried about a child working without a permit or outside the restrictions please email childperformance@medway.gov.uk or phone 01634 337 310.