When you will need a licence

A child will need a licence if they’re under school leaving age and taking part in:

  • shows, plays, concerts or other public performances that the audience pays to see, or that take place on licensed premises
  • films, TV programmes or adverts that are filmed for public viewing
  • any sporting events or modelling assignments where the child is paid

The person in charge of running the event must apply for a child performance licence which you need to apply for at least 21 days before the event.

Licensing requirements

There are certain criteria that have to be met before a licence can be issued.

To get a licence the:

  • child must be physically fit to take part in performance or activity
  • headteacher of the school (if appropriate) must give consent if school time is affected
  • activity must be safe
  • application form and supporting documents must be completed

Supervision for the child

If the child won’t be with their parent, school teacher or home tutor, they must be supervised by a chaperone approved by the council.

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