Apply for a child employment permit

All children who are employed to work must tell the local authority in which the employment will take place in. This includes paid or voluntary work.

To be employed, a child must be at least 13 years old and must have a work permit until they are no longer of statutory school age (the last Friday of the school year once they turn 16).

A child employment permit can be taken away if the child’s school attendance or wellbeing is affected by the employment.

If you are employing a child you will also need to ensure that they:

  • work no longer than the maximum hours for a child of their age
  • get the number of breaks that they need
  • are doing work that a child their age is allowed to do in a work premise that is safe and appropriate.

How to apply

To apply for a child employment permit you will need the:

  • address of the place of employment
  • dates and times that the child will be working
  • consent and signature of the parent and the child.

Complete a child employment permit application and email it to

For further information please call 01634 337 310.