Apply for a chaperone licence | Apply for a chaperone licence | Medway Council

Every children taking part in a licensed performance must be supervised by their parent or guardian or a licensed chaperone.

A chaperone is responsible for the wellbeing and safety of all children in their care and must give the same care to the children as a parent would give.

Licensing requirements

If you live in Medway, we will issue the chaperone licence.

Every chaperone must have:

  • an enhanced DBS certificate issued by Medway Council
  • two character references
  • attended an up-to-date chaperone guidance session

How long a licence lasts

Chaperone licences run alongside a valid DBS certificate and will last for 3 years from the issue date of the DBS. It is the chaperone’s responsibility to reapply at the end of this 3 year period.

We may be able to accept existing DBS certificates if we have issued them at Medway Council and if they are within this 3 year period.

Apply for a licence

If you would like to apply for a chaperone licence please read and complete our chaperone application form and contact the office to arrange an appointment by phoning 01634 337 310 or email

Please allow plenty of time for your application.

For more information phone 01634 337 310 or email