Bookstart is a national scheme providing every baby and preschool child with free packs of books.

Bookstart baby pack

New parents receive a Bookstart Baby pack from Medway Register Office when they register their baby.

Bookstart treasure packs

Children receive a Bookstart treasure pack at preschool the year before they start school.

Bookstart dual language books

If English is a second language in your family, Bookstart dual language books are available by request from any Medway community hub or library.

Bookstart for children with additional needs

For children with additional needs, Bookstart packs are also available for:

  • babies and young children who are blind or partially sighted
  • babies and young children who are deaf or hearing impaired
  • 2 to 4 year olds with a condition that affects their fine motor skills.

Bookstart story time

Story time is available for preschool families and at early years groups in all Medway community hubs and libraries. 

You can read 6 story time books with fun activities. 

For more information about Booktrust story time, speak to our library staff.

Contact us about Bookstart

For more information on Bookstart, or if you think you’ve missed a pack, contact the Community Librarian for Children and Young People on 01634 337 799.

You can find more resources, events, games and recommended books on the Bookstart website.