Join online to search and reserve items for collection from our catalogue.

You’ll receive your library card and PIN when you come in to collect your items.

Join online

Join at the library in person

You can join at any Medway library with proof of your name and address. When you join at a library you will receive your library card and PIN to access all of our services.

You will need to supply identification such as a:

  • passport (new version that includes address)
  • photo driving licence

We also accept the following documents if they are under 3 months old:

  • Bank, credit or store card statement (not loyalty cards)
  • Council Tax bill
  • Medical Card
  • Pay slip
  • Tenancy agreement/rent book
  • Utility bill or statement - water, gas, electric, telephone
  • Welfare benefits book

Full membership allows you to borrow up to 30 items and access our online services.

If you don’t have any identification, you can still join as a light member and borrow up to 3 items.

Children under 16 will need a parent or guardian to bring proof of address to the library.

If you are a Medway resident or work in the area, and are 18 and over, you can also use the Drill Hall Library at the Universities for Medway.

For more details please email