Operating schedule conditions

These are conditions where the applicant in the first instance, states what steps they will take to promote the four licensing objectives within their operating schedule.

Conditions must be:

  • specific to the premises
  • promote the four licensing objectives
  • not duplicate existing provisions in other legislation
  • be necessary and proportionate
  • be capable of being met by the licence holder
  • be enforceable

The second part is that each responsible authority is then required to scrutinise all the information. At this time the applicant may wish to agree to amend their operating schedule to include particular worded conditions at per an agreement with the responsible authority.

If you have concerns over licence conditions these can be approached in two ways:

  • agreement and amendments to the operating schedule at any time during the consultation/mediation period;
  • a responsible authority or interested party makes a representation - a lack of agreement means the licensing committee is required to hold a hearing and the committee may then impose the conditions at a Licensing Hearing Panel or agree they are not relevant