Council staff salaries

We also publish details of all spending over £250 and our council staff salaries.

Budgets and spending

Information on our budgets and spending can be found in our statement of accounts, including details of salaries that are £150,000 or more.

Salaries of senior staff

Take a look at our structure chart for the job titles and salaries of senior staff who are paid more than £50,000 a year.

How much we spend employing staff

The 71 non-school employees can be broken down into the following directorates:

Business Support

  • Annual Budget 2014/2015:  £10,044ml
  • Resource No’s:  1058

Responsible for:

  • financial strategy and medium term plans, including corporate finance, risk and insurance, internal audit and revenues and benefits
  • operation of the Customer Contact and Community Hubs programme
  • support to the Member’s and the committee structure
  • electoral registration and the register of births deaths and marriages
  • the provision of a comprehensive legal service to the Council
  • effective management of the Council’s property portfolio
  • facilities management
  • local land charges and licensing services and general enforcement activities
  • human resources, payroll, workforce and organisational development, ICT, corporate projects, business process and improvement

Children and Adults

  • Annual Budget 2014/2015:  £259,830ml
  • Resource No’s:  1040

Including two statutory posts (Children’s and Adults) charged to develop, commission and lead the delivery of services to children, young people and their families including:

  • education
  • health
  • integrated youth support
  • early years
  • social care services

Similarly we provide health, support and social care services to vulnerable and older people and their carers in partnership with the health and voluntary and community sector.

Regeneration, Community and Culture

  • Annual Budget 2014/2015:  £80,893ml
  • Resource No’s:  1221

Responsible for:

  • waste collection and disposal services
  • housing management and strategy
  • highways
  • planning
  • regeneration
  • environmental health
  • trading standards
  • building control
  • community safety
  • emergency planning
  • leisure
  • culture
  • heritage
  • sport
  • tourism
  • economic development
  • social regeneration.

Public Health

  • Annual Budget 2014/2015:  £11,863ml
  • Resource No's:  97

Includes three domains (public health, health protection and health services).  Working with partners to develop and implement strategies to improve health and reduce inequalities.