The following issues of anti-social behaviour are dealt with by the Police:

  • youth nuisance or verbal abuse
  • underage drinking
  • nuisance drinking or alcohol control zones
  • dangerous dogs - threat of being attacked 
  • domestic abuse or violence

If a crime is in progress or risk to life dial 999, otherwise dial 101 which is Kent Police's non-emergency number.

Report anti-social behaviour to Kent Police online

What you can expect from the Community Safety (ASB) Team

View the Medway Anti-social Behaviour Standards

Anti-social behaviour dealt with by the council

You can report any of the following anti social behaviour to Medway Council:

Medway enforcement teams

There are uniformed teams in Medway who deal with reports and complaints, investigate incidents of environmental crime, enforce the law and prosecute those who break the law.

Officers have powers to deal with these problems and issue fines (otherwise known as fixed penalty notices) when, for example, a person is seen littering.