Local Plan evidence base

We're preparing a new Local Plan, which will replace the 2003 Medway Local Plan.

This document will include:

  • strategic level and development management policies
  • land allocations
  • minerals and waste
  • a policies map.

The plan will cover the period up to 2040, providing for the number of homes, jobs and supporting infrastructure such as transport, health facilities, schools and parks that the area and its growing population needs over this time. 

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Areas and informing the new Local Plan

To inform the new Local Plan policies, a range of evidence has been compiled drawing from a variety of information sources. The sources have been grouped and linked into the following themes:

  • housing
  • employment
  • infrastructure
  • retail and centres
  • transport
  • built environment
  • health and community
  • natural environment and green belt
  • Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
  • minerals, waste and energy
  • waste needs assessment.

Medway 2035

Medway 2035 regeneration document.