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Education of looked-after children

Children in care are among the most vulnerable in schools. Many have experienced personal upheaval and may be dealing with the affects of physical or sexual abuse, neglect, rejection, bereavement or family breakdown.

We recognise that the needs of a child in care will be better met if all the agencies supporting them work together. In Medway we have a Virtual Headteacher for children in care who works with schools, social workers and other agencies to support the education of children in care and those who are leaving the care system. Each child's progress is tracked and funding called Pupil Premium Plus is used to provide personalised support.

Each school has a designated teacher for children in care who gives important educational and emotional support.

Each child, from nursery to leaving care, has a personal education plan (PEP) which is reviewed by them, their school, their carer and their social worker three times a year.  The PEP review provides a vital opportunity for all those involved to understand the support needed to enable all young people in care to succeed.  

What is a designated teacher?

Schools within the Local Authority appoint a designated teacher to support children at school who are in care. The Virtual Headteacher for children in care keeps an up-to-date register of designated teachers and shares this with social workers and teams in the Children and Adult Services Directorate.

All of Medway's designated teachers are kept up-to-date on issues concerning children in care through a programme of training and workshops.