About the Medway Test

If you would like your child to be considered for a Medway grammar school they will need to sit the Medway Test (Medway's 11+).

A child can take the Medway Test whether they live in Medway or not.

If you live in Medway but are considering grammar schools in another area you’ll need to contact them and take their own version of the 11+ instead.

Registration and placement

Once your child is registered, they will sit the Medway Test and get their results before the closing date for secondary school applications.

You must register your child for the Medway Test on time if you would like them to be considered for a grammar school in Medway. Your child cannot register or sit the Medway Test at a later date.

Passing the Medway Test does not guarantee a place in a Medway grammar school. Like other schools, grammar schools can get more applications than they have places for. If this happens, the schools must use their oversubscription criteria to decide who can be offered a place. You can read the schools' oversubscription criteria for more information.

Medway Test papers

The Medway Test is made up of three papers:

  • extended writing
  • mathematics
  • verbal reasoning.

These tests are written specifically for Medway Council.

Our current test provider is Center for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM). Any test materials found online or in retailers are not official and are not supported or endorsed by CEM or Medway Council.

The tests are designed to assess and select 23% of the children in the year group to go to a grammar school.

Up to another 2% can be selected through the review process.

If a child is found to be cheating, not following instructions or misbehaving at any time during a test day, they may be disqualified from the test and their parents will be contacted to collect them.

You cannot view test papers, we will not give you the original, or a copy of your child's test papers.

Examination scripts and results other than the final result are exempt from the GDPR Article 15 Right of Access to personal data as stated in Schedule 2, Part 4, s25 of the Data Protection Act 2018.

The data is exempt under the quoted legislation because the information is personal data which consists of information for the purposes of determining the results of an exam.