Book a collection

Before you book

It's important to remember that we:

  • cannot carry items up or down steps
  • cannot collect items with parts constructed of glass
  • cannot go into your home to collect items
  • cannot refund costs for items that were not present at the collection time or that were disposed of another way
  • only collect items from homes, not businesses
  • only collect items Monday to Friday
  • only collect the items you tell us about during your booking
  • will not collect alternative items unless advised by 4pm the weekday before the original collection was booked for.

It's also important to remember that:

  • bookings, changes and cancellations must be made by 4pm the weekday before your booking to allow us to process the collection
  • fridges and freezers must be empty of any food or drink, or they will not be collected
  • items must be left at your usual waste collection point by 7am on the day of collection
  • items must be placed at ground level
  • metal and non-metal items are collected by different vehicles, possibly at different times during the day
  • you should present bulky waste outside your bin store, if you live in flats, for access reasons
  • you select the correct version of your item if it contains metal.

Our bulky collection service runs on the same day as usual bin collection days. This is to minimise travel.

Our number of collection slots per day is limited to:

  • 50 standard collections
  • 5 express collections.

These are available on a first come, first served basis.

If 50 standard bookings have been allocated, the system will offer an express collection if this is available.

You can choose your preferred date and pay for an express collection. Otherwise, select a different date in the booking form to receive a standard collection.

You can book up to 8 weeks in advance.


Our online booking form shows the latest booking slot availability for your selected collection type in real time. If the date you need is not available, this is due to all booking slots being filled. Availability will only show if an existing booking for that day is cancelled. 

Our telephone advisers do not have access to additional booking slots on unavailable days.

Make a booking

You can book a bulky collection using our online form. You'll need to:

  • tell us your details, including name and address
  • tell us the items to be collected
  • pay for the collection using a debit or credit card.

Book a bulky collection

You can also book a collection by phoning 01634 333 333.

Our phone line is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm. Please phone us no later than 3.30pm to finish a booking.

On the collection day

Metal and non-metal items are collected by different vehicles possibly at different times during the day.

Only notify us of missed collections if items remain uncollected at 3pm on your confirmed collection date.

Please leave missed items out overnight as they may be collected early the next morning.

We will not return a second time for items taken in and not presented by 7am the day after your booked collection.

Other ways you can get rid of your items

If you're unable to make a booking, you could consider: