Types of illegal parking

If a vehicle is found to be parked where it should not be, we’ll issue a parking fine, also known as a penalty charge notice (PCN).

You can help by reporting illegally parked vehicles to us.

The types of illegal parking we deal with include vehicles parked:

  • on a single yellow line
  • on double yellow lines
  • on school keep clear markings
  • in a controlled parking zone without displaying a permit or voucher
  • in a disabled bay without displaying a Blue Badge
  • across a driveway or dropped kerb for pedestrians
  • for longer than is allowed.

We have introduced pay by phone parking in many car parks across Medway. People who have paid to park using their phone will not be displaying a ticket on their vehicle. These vehicles may appear to be parked illegally, but are parked legally.

Vehicles parked dangerously or causing an obstruction

We cannot issue fines to vehicles parked dangerously or causing an obstruction where there is no parking restriction, for example, if a vehicle has been parked at a junction and is creating a hazard to other motorists or pedestrians.

These vehicles can only be dealt with by the police. Contact them on their non-emergency phone number, 101.

Visit Kent Police's website to find out about nuisance parking and abandoned vehicles.

Vehicles that are exempt from parking restrictions

There are some vehicles which are exempt from parking restrictions or have permission to park on yellow lines or in certain bays. These vehicles will usually have a special permit or ticket on display. Check a vehicle for this before you report it as illegally parked.