Apply for daily visitor parking vouchers

You can apply for daily visitor vouchers online.

If you need vouchers for zone R1, phone parking services on 01634 332 266. You cannot use our online form to buy vouchers for zone R1.

What you'll need

To apply for daily visitor vouchers you'll need to provide your contact details and proof of address.

This could be a:

  • household bill
  • bank statement
  • solicitor's letter
  • tenancy agreement.

We do not accept documents relating to vehicles or private landlord tenancy agreements.

The document must be dated in the last 3 months.

If you're a resident, the document must be in your name. If you're a business, the document must display the business name.

For all private landlords, proof of address must be dated in the last year, confirming your name and address for the property where the visitor vouchers are required. Acceptable forms of address verification are annual buildings insurance, gas certificate or a utility bill.

Apply for daily visitor vouchers

If you cannot apply for vouchers online, phone 01634 332 266.

What happens next

If we approve your application, we'll email you a link to pay for your vouchers.

Then you can either click and collect your vouchers from a community hub or library. You can also have them posted to your address. Postage is free.

Once you've applied and paid for vouchers, you can collect them from the following community hubs and libraries:

Check opening times before you choose where to collect your vouchers.