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Register for the Medway Test

Coronavirus (COVID-19) registration 

Registration for the Medway Test is still on the planned date of 1 June to 29 June 2020.

Children who are registered for the test by the deadline will be given papers to help familiarise them with the format and layout of the test.

Before you register

Before you register you should speak to your child’s teacher or headteacher to see if the Medway Test and grammar school is right for them.

If a child is not working at or above their expected levels for their age, we do not recommend they take the Medway Test.

Registration opening and closing dates

Registration for the Medway Test 2020 opens from 9am on Monday 1 June 2020.

Registration closes at 5pm on Monday 29 June 2020.

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Registration for children with an education, health and care (EHC) plan

If your child has an education, health and care (EHC) plan or a statement of special educational needs they can still sit the Medway Test. You will need to register in the same way as everyone else.

If your child needs special arrangements to sit the test you can submit a request. The deadline for your school to submit a special arrangements request is Monday 6 July 2020. Please ensure you speak to your child’s school before this date if you think your child needs special arrangements for the Medway Test.

A child may need special arrangements if they have a disability or learning difficulty.

Late registration

Registrations after the closing date will only be considered if there was a good reason such as:

  • serious illness
  • bereavement
  • a late move to the Medway area

Completing a late registration

To complete a late registration you will need to:

  • request a paper registration form from
  • submit the form with a covering letter explaining why your registration was late
  • send the completed form and letter back to School Services at Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, ME4 4TR

All late registrations need to be received by 10 July 2020. We will then decide if they can be accepted.