Register for the Medway Test

Registration for the Medway Test opens 1 June and closes 30 June 2023.

Before you register

Before you register you should speak to your child’s teacher or headteacher to see if the Medway Test and grammar school is right for them.

If a child is not working at or above their expected levels for their age, we do not recommend they sit the Medway Test.

Register your child

Registration for the Medway Test 2023 closes at 5pm on Friday 30 June 2023.

You must provide your child's current school on your registration. If you cannot find it on the list, please email giving the name and address of the school. We'll add the school to the system so you can continue your registration.

For help with the registration process, read our Medway Test registration guide.

Register for the Medway Test

After you have registered

Check you have received a confirmation email saying your child is registered for the Medway Test. If you do not receive this email, your child is not registered.

You can also download the familiarisation guide to help your child become familiar with the test.

The guide will help your child familiarise themselves with the format and layout of the mathematics and non-verbal reasoning and verbal skills tests.

A guide is not provided for the writing test because children are not completing an answer sheet format that may be unfamiliar to them.

Please use our libraries or community hubs if you want to print a copy.

Registration for children with an education, health and care plan (EHCP)

If your child has an EHCP they can still sit the Medway Test. You'll need to register in the same way.

Special arrangements

A child may need special arrangements if they have a disability or learning difficulty.

If your child needs special arrangements to sit the test, you'll need to register them in the same way. Speak to your child's school before 30 June if you think your child needs special arrangements. 

The deadline for your school to submit a special arrangement request form and evidence is Tuesday 4 July 2023. The school must ask for a copy of our request form then submit the form on time. Any request received after the closing date cannot be considered.

To find out more about special arrangements, download our special arrangements guide.

Late registration

Registrations after the closing date cannot be considered. 

Updating your child's details after registration

If you need to update your child's details after registration, email your request to We cannot guarantee any changes can be made.