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Sitting the Medway Test (11+)

Rules for when your child is attending the Medway Test

When your child attends the Medway Test they must follow the following rules.

Arrive on time

Late arrivals will not be let into the test once it has started, as there cannot be any interruptions or distractions for other children.

The test cannot be sat at a later date so the arranged test dates are your child’s only chance to sit the test.

Tell us if your child is ill on the day of the test

If your child is ill on the day they are due to sit the Medway Test, you must email

If your child was due to sit the test in their own school, you should also report them as ill to the school as per the school’s policy.

Wear school uniform

All children sitting the Medway Test must wear their school uniform (not including children who are home educated).

Not bring valuable property with them

Your child should not have any valuable objects with them for the Medway Test. We are not responsible for the loss or damage of a child’s property before, during or after the test.