Sitting the Medway Test (11+)

When and where your child will sit the test

You will have been sent your Medway Test invitation by the end of August 2021.

If you registered through parent portal your invitation is sent by email only.

If you registered in any other way, you will receive your invitation by post.

If you have not received your invitation by the end of August 2021, please email

Your invitation will tell you where and when your child is due to sit the test. Your child must only attend the test at their allocated venue and on their allocated day.

Important test day information

All parents and carers must read the test day information sheet before the test.

Registration form

If your child is sitting the test at a test centre and not in their current primary school, you must also complete a pupil registration form and take it with you on test day.

How to get to your test centre

If your child is sitting the test at a test centre, they would have been allocated a test centre. You can find all the addresses and entrances of the test centres in the table below.

Test centre name Address How to access the test centre
Chatham Grammar Rainham Road, Chatham, ME5 7EH Main school gate, Rainham Road
Fort Pitt Grammar School Fort Pitt Hill, Rochester, Chatham, ME4 6TJ Main school gate, Fort Pitt Hill
Holcombe Grammar School Letchworth Avenue, Chatham, ME4 6JB Letchworth Avenue (ME4 6NP)
Leigh Academy Rainham Otterham Quay Lane, Rainham, Gillingham, ME8 8GS Main school gate, Otterham Quay Lane
New Horizons Children's Academy Park Crescent, Chatham, ME4 6NR Walderslade Road entrance
Rainham Mark Grammar School Pump Lane, Rainham, Gillingham, ME8 7AJ Main school gate, Pump Lane
Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School Maidstone Road, Rochester, ME1 3EL Lower entrance, Maidstone Road
Strood Academy Carnation Road, Rochester, ME2 2SX Main school gate, Carnation Road
The Hundred of Hoo Academy Main Road, Hoo, Rochester, ME3 9HH Main school gate, Main Road
The Rochester Grammar School Maidstone Road, Rochester, ME1 3BY Vehicle and pedestrian entrance, Maidstone Road

Rules for when your child is attending the Medway Test

When your child attends the Medway Test they must follow the following rules.

Arrive on time

Late arrivals will not be let into the test once it has started, as there cannot be any interruptions or distractions for other children.

The test cannot be sat at a later date so the arranged test dates are your child’s only chance to sit the test.

Tell us if your child is ill on the day of the test

If your child is ill on the day they are due to sit the Medway Test, you must email

If your child was due to sit the test in their own school, you should also report them as ill to the school as per the school’s policy.

Wear school uniform

All children sitting the Medway Test must wear their school uniform (not including children who are home educated).

Not bring valuable property with them

Your child should not have any valuable objects with them for the Medway Test. We are not responsible for the loss or damage of a child’s property before, during or after the test.

Items you cannot bring

Banned items are listed on the parent information sheet that we will send with your invitation by the end of August. If these items are found with your child they will be confiscated, not returned and your child may be disqualified from the Medway Test.

Mobile phones are not allowed in the test room. They must be switched off during the test and kept outside the test room.

Recording answers

If your child answers a previous set question for extended writing, they will receive 0 marks for that test.

Answer sheets are used in the mathematics and verbal reasoning test papers. Only answer sheets are marked by the optical reader. Answers in any question booklet are not marked.

If your child records their answer somewhere other than where they are instructed, for example, in the question booklet or in the wrong place on the answer sheet, it will not be added to the correct place. Instructions are given on what your child should do if they make a mistake.

Extra paper is not provided for mathematics and verbal reasoning tests. Workings out should be done in the question booklet.

There are enough pages in the writing booklet for the extended writing test. No extra paper is needed or given to children.

Permitted items

Your child can bring

  • pens (for extended writing paper only)
  • HB grade pencils
  • an eraser/rubber (only for maths and verbal reasoning tests)
  • a pencil sharpener.

Further information about what to bring will be sent with your invitation by the end of August.