Medway Test dates

This content is for the September 2024 test (September 2025 Year 7 admission).

In the meantime, see our secondary admissions scheme for information about the 2024 test.

The Medway Test (11+) is sat by children in year 6, before they go to secondary school.

Children who attend a Medway maintained primary or junior school

If your child attends a Medway primary or junior school they will sit the test at their own school. 

The test will take place Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 September 2024. 

Those testing with special arrangements may test on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 September 2024 instead, depending on what their primary school choose. 

Medway independent schools

Bryony School pupils will test Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 September 2024 at Bryony School.

St Andrew's school pupils will test Saturday 21 September 2024 at St Andrew's School. 

King's School Rochester pupils will test on either Saturday 21 or Sunday 22 September 2024 at an allocated test centre.

Children who do not attend a Medway primary or junior school

Children who do not attend a Medway primary/junior school will test in a Medway test centre on either Saturday 21 or Sunday 22 September 2024.

One day will be allocated.

Important information about test dates

Your child is allocated a test date by Medway Council rather than being a parental preference. There is no alternative test date, including where the Medway Test clashes with other tests. If the Medway Test clashes with a different test, you will need to decide which test your child sits.

The arranged test dates are your child’s only chance to sit the test. The test cannot be taken later.

Test date information is correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change.