Medway Test results

This content is for the September 2024 test (September 2025 Year 7 admission).

In the meantime, see our secondary admissions scheme for information about the 2024 test.

Medway Test results will be sent on Wednesday 16 October 2024.

If you registered online you will be sent an email after 10am on results day.

We cannot guarantee the time you will receive your email, as this will depend on your email provider.

We have no control over emails once they are sent. Check your junk or spam folders if you have not received your results in your inbox. 

If you registered on paper, you will be sent a letter by first class post on results day.

We cannot give out test scores over the phone. If you have not received your child's result by 18 October 2024, email

Details the results will include

The results will give you:

  • your child’s total score
  • a breakdown of the scores for each paper
  • a decision on if your child is assessed as suitable for a grammar or non-grammar
  • details of what you need to do next.

If your child has been assessed as suitable for grammar, it does not guarantee them a grammar school place. Like other schools, grammar schools can get more applications than they have places for. If this happens, the schools must use their oversubscription criteria to decide who can be offered places. You can read the schools' oversubscription criteria for more information.

What we cannot provide

Medway Council is unable to provide the following:

  • raw scores
  • percentages
  • scores for each test paper
  • pass mark or percentage required for each test
  • the highest score achieved for each paper
  • the overall lowest/highest score achieved
  • the standardisation calculation.

This information is commercially sensitive and exempt from Section 43 (1) & (2) of the Freedom of Information Act.

Section 43(1) provides an exemption from disclosure for information which is a trade secret. 

Section 43(2) exempts information whose disclosure would, or would be likely to, prejudice the commercial interests of any legal person (an individual, a company, the public authority itself or any other legal entity). 

What to do after you get your results

Depending on how your child was assessed, you'll need to read either the grammar or non-grammar assessed information sheet. These will be available on this page on results day.

If your child was assessed as non-grammar and you're unhappy with the result of the test, you can still apply for grammar schools. We recommend that if you wish to do this, you name a mixture of grammar and non-grammar schools on your application form as we will not be able to offer a grammar school on national offer day. Instead, you'll be given the right of appeal for the grammar schools you name.

More information about your options is in the non-grammar assessed information sheet and on our appeals page.