How papers are marked

Each paper is marked to provide ‘raw’ scores.

Mathematics and verbal reasoning are marked on the number of correct answers. Extended writing is marked against specific criteria.

The raw scores are then standardised to reflect the child’s age at the time they sit the test. This is to make sure no child is disadvantaged because they're born later in the school year.

Every year a minimum total weighted score is set to determine the grammar pass mark.

This score is set at 23% of the children in the year group in Medway state primary and junior schools. This changes each year depending on the size of the year group.

The minimum score for this year will not be known until the test has been sat and the scores have been calculated.

The minimum score for the last few years were:

  • 2023 admissions: 488 
  • 2022 admissions: 487
  • 2021 admissions: 483
  • 2020 admissions: 490.

The following formula is used to calculate the total weighted score for each child:

Extended Writing standardised score x 2
Mathematics standardised score x 2
Verbal reasoning standardised score x 1
Total weighted score.

All children who attend Medway maintained schools, non-Medway schools or Medway independent schools whose score is above the minimum total weighted score will be assessed as grammar.

All children who have taken the tests and achieved scores that are below the minimum score will be deemed non-grammar at this stage.