After you've applied

Once you’ve submitted your planning application you will have to wait for a decision to be made.

After you apply:

  • we will validate your application and request any missing documents - all application requirements can be found in our planning application checklist 
  • we will publicise and consult on the application
  • your application will be considered by the Planning Officer or Planning Committee

If you applied online and created an account on the Planning Portal you can log in to track your application.

Decisions on your planning application

The process time will vary depending on the scale of your development.

The decision timescale will be:

  • 8 weeks for minor works such as extensions to properties and changes of use
  • 13 weeks for major works such as large commercial developments
  • 16 weeks for applications accompanied by an environmental statement

If your application is approved:

  • you may be ‘approved subject to conditions’ and need to submit further information
  • you can start work within the time limit as long as you comply with any set conditions

If your application is refused:

  • you’ll be given an explanation of why it was refused
  • you can send a pre-application request to discuss reasons for refusal
  • you’ll be asked to change your proposal and submit a new application